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"Toymaker & Son is an excellent performance in modern dance, entertaining in itself, and significant for the message it is relaying.
–New York Press

"I have seen more people come to Christ in the short time that Toymaker & Son was performed here in Hong Kong than I expected to see in a lifetime of work."
–Missionary to Asia

"I need to see this presentation. My people need to see it. The President needs to see it."
–Chief Presidential Aide, Bogota, Columbia

"We don't see plays of this calibre every day."
–French Press

"The most effective Gospel presentation I've ever seen. Toymaker & Son drew some of the largest crowds to hear the Gospel in the history of Greece. Our Prime Minister, together with many other dignitaries, saw Toymaker & Son privately and said they had never seen the gospel so clearly presented."
–Costas Makrise, National Christian leader, Greece

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